Madina Papel LLC is a production company working on a hybrid animation short film of the same name, among other related projects.


  • Samah Damanhoori

    Content Creator

    Samah is the reason this team has been assembled; it’s her story we’re telling. Her role will be to oversee the project, bring in donors, and spread the word that is Madina Papel. She hopes for a better adaptation of change in her country, Saudi Arabia, through education and acceptance. She sees Madina Papel as the new family she chose. Her belief drives her passion for Madina Papel and to create with LOVE.

  • Eun Bi Chang


    Eun Bi grew up in many different cultures, and she believes the universality in Samah's story can be appreciated no matter what culture you are from as it deals with the most basic human need, connection and acceptance between human beings. She co-founded Madina Papel LLC to realize the vision of sharing meaningful stories from people who are oppressed or marginalized.

Mission Statement

Madina Papel is a production company open to any medium we can get our hands on, currently working with animation and music composition. The name Madina (Arabic for city) Papel (Spanish for paper) is inspired by our diverse group that we draw in. We are a family of creative and talented individuals who are keen on expressing our passion into art.

Vision Statement

Our dream is to spread social awareness and acceptance of differences one project at a time and show the world it's okay to be who you are.